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Do It Yourself Dog/Cat Pillow Bed (plus a no-sew option)

As I wandered around the house on a  rainy day trying to motivate myself, I remembered I had purchased some fabric with a "do it yourself" project in mind.  It seemed just the right time to get started on this particular project since I'm getting ready to adopt a doggie whose name is Max and he's certainly going to need a cozy place to sleep.  This Doggie Pillow/Bed project was very easy, inexpensive and a ended up being a lot of fun. 

At Joann's Fabrics store, I used a 40% off coupon (as usual) to purchase two yards of each of the following materials.  I only needed 1YD each, but purchased two of each with the possibility of a making a mistake in mind and if I didn't make any, having two would be a bonus!  In all actuality, I think I'll make more!

List of Supplies (directions below each picture)
1YD Printed Fleece (I chose red with black dog paw prints)
1YD Black Fleece
1YD Muslin
1 Bag Stuffing

Here's my fabric.  I'm ready to get started!

Here you'll see where I actually made a pillow for the inside.  This project is a great way to re-use old pillows you may already have. 

Getting ready to start cutting strips all the way around.

Above is where I did my measurements. This is a project where exact measurements don't matter.  Simply estimate the length of lines you're going to cut in order to tie together later.

After placing your pillow in the center as a measurement, cut both parts of the fleece into strips.  You'll be double tying those piece together to lock in the pillow.  The beauty of this project is when your fleece gets dirty, untie one side of the pillow to slide out the pillow insert for washing!


See the black piece across the middle?  That's just an extra scrap that I used as a guide to not cut past.  It kept me in line.

Even though this pillow bed was made for Max, as soon as I threw it on the floor, Chica jumped on it for a quick pose!


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