There are many ways to contact me.  The best place to get a hold of me is through my help desk.  I have a very good spam blocker on my email account so this is a good way to make sure your message gets to me without getting blocked.  If you do prefer to email me, you can at:  julie"at" (take out the "at" and add an @)

You can also contact me through Mom Pack.  You can go directly to our interactive group and send me a private message.  I promise to keep your information and/or comments or requests for help anonymous if you ask me to.  And, to anyone who is having the same issues with that cyberstalker/cyberbully that I talk about in my Cyberstalked section, I have all of the information you need to fight back.  I'm more than happy to share it with anyone who needs help standing up for what's right and putting a stop to this crazy attacker!

Although I'm not the greatest with regular updates, I do try to remember to tweet new updates.  You can find me and follow me here.  I can also receive direct messages there.

Also, anyone needing help with their web site whether either me directly or one of my freelance designers have designed for you or we host your web site (or neither of the above) we have a group setup so that you may ask questions specific to web sites.  The format of the group is where people can ask questions and the moderators will answer the question so that you not only get your answer, but others will see the answer as well.  It's a great way to learn from others.  This is a private group, so to get the link, you'll have to signup for Mom Pack.  It's all free!

Mom Pack is also on Facebook.  Like us to get updates about Mom Pack.