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The first thing that comes to mind when creating this page are the lyrics, "raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens", which brings back fond memories of my childhood and watching the Sound of Music (multiple times) while singing out loud and dancing all over the kitchen while my Mom cooked.  I had a lot of favorites while growing up which have changed as my taste and style have matured, I often have those "deja-vu" moments.  Just the other day I was walking in the park with my littlest one and we found a field of dandelions.  Without thought,  I told him the story that my Mom always told me about being a lucky person to find them - full ones.  She always told me that if I could blow off all the fuzzies with one blow, I could make a wish (deja-vu moment).  As I told the story to my son, I had to laugh a little inside knowing that my Mom was probably doing the same thing as she told me this "wish" story. 
Julie Ryals Favorite - Dandelions

As an adult, I've learn the real truth behind dandelions and actually dread having them crop up in our yard.  Blowing off those cute little "fuzzies" is ostensibly spreading that awful weed and germinate it further!  So, even though, I am still the first to grab these tempting "fuzzies" and make my wish, I make sure that I do it outside of my own lawn.  I guess you could say I now make all my wishes far away from any property that I own or else I'm deeper into paying my bug guy.

Julie Ryals - flowers on vacation
Our entire family (plus a few) went on a big vacation to the Smokey Mountains last summer where we found an entire field of these beautiful yellow flowers.  Yes, probably just weeds since I'm so good at seeing the beauty in weeds (it's a zen-thing).  One of my sons picked these for me while we were exploring, which is another favorite thing of mine to hear "look mom, for you!". The Great Smokey Mountains can be seen through the trees in the background. We can't wait to go back.


Julie Ryals - My Shadow
This is my shadow, all day, every day. She didn't squash the fuzzie, or eat it!